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Rules and Info

:bulletblue: Submit to the right folders! If your not sure what generation a Pokemon is, just look the Pokemon up and check when the Pokemon was first released.

:bulletblue: Respect all members and their submissions.
:bulletblue: Submissions to the Featured folder are not allowed.

Please don't submit..

:bulletred: Stolen Art
:bulletred: Bases
:bulletred: Screenshots, Screencaps
:bulletred: Mature content.
:bulletred: Official Pokemon sprites
:bulletred: personal Journals or Stories

Gallery Folders

Pokemon Teaser by sahinduezguen
Pokemon - May by GENZOMAN
Flop by pikaira
POKKEN : Suicune vs Pikachu by Sa-Dui
gen 2 pokemon 1 CLOSED
Sky and Mrs Snappy by Caelumimensus
6. Break Away by Vinneh-Senpai
Commish: Taz by Nyankyuu
Amie shenanigans. by Billiam-X
Gen 3 pokemon 1 CLOSED
Mega Luvdisc by Phatmon
::CO:: The king roams his land by RukaStephanieLuna
Mega sableye cartoon by Jenske05
gen 4 pokemon CLOSED
Contest : Egyptian Probopass by Pathea
Me with Lucario by SusanLucarioFan16
Twitch Plays Pokemon - Wolf Kimono-Girl, Aoooo by MadHatter-Himself
Pokeddexy Day 12 Fav Ice Type by AR-ameth
gen 5 pokemon CLOSED
Silver Linings: A Black 2 Nuzlocke ~ Page 1 by SilverStrangequark
Silver Linings: A Black 2 Nuzlocke ~ Cover by SilverStrangequark
30 Day Pkmn Challenge: 7 by AquaticBandage
Spring Field by kuroeko
gen 6 pokemon ClOSED
''Let's go over there!'' by Kite-Drachen
Diamonds, diamonds as far as the eyes can see by Eledora
Alice Icon by Veevsi
Silver Linings: A Black 2 Nuzlocke ~ Extra 2 by SilverStrangequark
Offical pokemon characters and Oc's CLOSED
Commission: Eeveelutionary Possibilities by Pixelated-Takkun
Pokemon by NoneNess
For a New Beginning by tsunami-dono
Joseph n' Nick: Commission for Lugiagaming94 by streetdragon95
Pokemon gijinka OPEN
Feud~ by audieleigh
:P-L: Ziggy and Jun Chibis by Sentaji
Humanized Sylveon by PolarisFawn
(Pokemon) Dedenne VS Butterfree Cosplay by KrazyKari
Fakemon OPEN
[Alolan Form Contest Entry] Alolan Haxorus!!! by frostlie
Espreon by Koalacubes
#SKETCHn9 - Bacolaio, Spoolpa and Falana by Failed--Artist
Sulphernt by Sapphire-industries
Pokemon Mixed Generations Closed
pokedoots by Ettio
Vanished 4 by eclipse4d
Vanished 2 by eclipse4d
Zapdos Portrait by LordOrenamus
Comics Closed
PMD Fallen Earth | Ch. 1 Page 2 by Skaterblog
Intro1 - Page3 by shadidiasailormufin
Pokemon Stadium Stamp by laprasking
Miiverse: MOST ORIGINAL POKEMON OC EVAR!!! by DrCoeloCephalo
crossovers OPEN
Project Smash Zone Wallpaper 3 by TheGamerLover
Angry Team Reptiles by DaveneGrovyle
Luigi's Mansion by LonelyMimikkyu
N642 - Kremling Krew (Pokemon) by Walldryx
Crafts and cosplay OPEN
Legendary Birbs Button Designs by MevrouwRoze
Mimikkyu Plush (Free Pattern) by dollphinwing
Lil Puffs by TrollGirl
Mimikyu Plushie by QueenBeePlush
Viripa Town by Phyromatical
Pikachu study v02 by Cuenk89
Team Mystic- Blanche by GhostfaceNikol
Discount charmander by frostlie
pokemon mega evolutions OPEN
Shiny Mega Gardevoir v.8 : Dark style by Shadow-pikachu7
Mega Rayquaza - REDRAW! by XDPajkanXD
M Beedrill-EX NKI 2 by bbninjas
Mega Charizard Y by xWhiteDreamsx
gen 1 Pokemon 2 OPEN
Creepy Gengar by Facu-Moreno
Serenely by VIND7
Pokemon Go by raposavyk
Week 2.Pokemon Day 11.Mother's Love by LaraVell
gen 2 pokemon 2 OPEN
McDreamy by xBurst-Out
Commission: Eons by ShadeofShinon
By Moonlight by SavannaEGoth
Shiny Lugia by Liria10
gen 3 pokemon 2 OPEN
Triangle Birds by apanda54
[SFM] Shiny Mega Absol by CaptainLopunny
Castform gijinka by InnuDoggy
Pokemorph Sharpedo (New Shading Style?) by laopokia
gen 4 pokemon 2 OPEN
Garchomp by estebanrex
Tranquility in Solitude by SonicX908
Garchomp on the Sofa by novakaru
Clementine the Gastrodon by Flutter-Rays
gen 5 pokemon 2 OPEN
Rizuka the Cinccino by Flutter-Rays
Zorua shiny time by PlatinaSena
Tepig by Bokurei-san
Lampent by tailsdollterror
gen 6 pokemon 2 OPEN
[SFM] Florges finds a PS2 by CaptainLopunny
Pokemon : Greninja by MarioK9
Shiny Mega Gardevoir v.7 : Water style by Shadow-pikachu7
Friendzone by KnightAtNights
pkmn characters and Oc's 2 OPEN
ContestShipping dancing by EloTheDreamgirl
Pokemon GO Trainer by Seiryu6
Alola form trainer by SilaCinnamon
PKMN V - Iris by Blue90
Fakemon 2 will open soon
pokemon Gijnka 2 will open soon
Gen 7 pokemon 1 OPEN
414 by mandaIa
It's ya boi by MintyZedGrimes
Alola Ship by EryenArt
Midnight Wolffo by thegreyzen
Pokemon Mixed generations 2 Open
Mudbray and Phanpy just don't get along... by Master-Rainbow
[Commission] Baby Pikachu's diaper change - Part 1 by Veemonsito
Monster House VS Slumber Orb by PokeGirl5
Commission: Pupper horde by MagicalPeachArt


Group Info

This is a group where everyone can submit Pokemon Drawings! Hope you all have lots of fun here!
Founded 7 Years ago
Feb 11, 2010


8,542 Members
6,775 Watchers
140,113 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews
new founder of this group  is speaking well our the founder that made this group left and I'm the one that will take over for now

hello everyone,

sorry for the wait I have been very busy but finally had some time
I have just made some new folders
:pokeball:gen 1 pokemon 2
:pokeball:gen 2 pokemon 2
:pokeball:gen 3 pokemon 2
:pokeball:gen 4 pokemon 2
:pokeball:gen5 pokemon 2
:pokeball:gen 6 pokemon 2
:pokeball:pkmn characters and Oc's 2
happy submitting :la:
and just let me know when a folder is full and I will make a new one

If you are interested in becoming a part of the staff comment below because we really need some
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Hey guys, I made this group :iconmementovitam: which is basically a mash up of pokemon and tlou; not a gijinka thing, but trainers and their pokémon against the infected trying to stay alive. I was hoping you would be okay with affiliating to spread the word a little? 
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All the info you will need is in the journal entry as well as prizes and prize examples!

  "I am planning to make a Pokemon mystery dungeon comic, BUT, the world of Pokemon mystery dungeon is intertwined with the world of Pokemon trainers...  I need you guys to create some trainers and their Pokemon teams for me!"
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